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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Fw: 📢 Garden grant opportunity from Scots Miracle-Gro Foundation: GroMoreGood Grassroots Grant deadline February 10, 2023

Sharing in case you hadn't seen this opportunity

The GroMoreGood Grassroots Grant, brought to you by The Scotts Miracle-Gro Foundation and KidsGardening, is designed to bring the life-enhancing benefits of gardens to communities across the United States. The Grassroots Grants are part of Scotts Miracle-Gro's larger GroMoreGood initiative, which aims to bring the life-enhancing benefits of gardens and greenspaces to 10 million children by the end of 2023.

Any nonprofit organization, school district, university, government entity, or tax-exempt organization like religious organizations and Tribal governments in the United States and US Territories serving at least 15 youth is eligible to apply. Applicants must be planning to use the funds to install new or expand existing youth gardens or greenspaces.

Award Packages
In 2023, 160 programs will receive $500 - $1,500 in funding to start or expand their youth garden or greenspace. This year, programs will have the opportunity to apply for additional funding through the following specialty award categories:

  • Plus Specialty Award: Designed to fund new and existing garden programs that have greater funding needs due to, but are not limited to, financial, environmental, safety, health, and regulation challenges. The award will provide five programs an additional $1,000, for a total of $1,500 in funding.

  • Pride Specialty Award: Designed to fund new and existing garden programs that serve a majority of LGBTQ+ youth. The award will provide five programs an additional $1,000, for a total of $1,500 in funding.

  • Equity Specialty Award: Designed to fund new and existing garden programs led by people of color that serve a majority of youth of color. The award will provide five programs an additional $1,000, for a total of $1,500 in funding.

Applicants must provide proof of 501(c)(3) status or qualify as tax-exempt. If your organization has not achieved 501(c)(3) or tax-exempt status, you may apply for a GroMoreGood Grassroots Grant by partnering with a fiscal sponsor who has achieved this status.

Previous winners of the GroMoreGood Grassroots Grant must wait two years after receiving an award to apply again.

Deadline: February 10, 2023

Call for Applications for GROWING JUSTICE: The Fund for Equitable Good Food Procurement


A call for applications is now open for GROWING JUSTICE: The Fund for Equitable Good Food Procurement.


Learn more about the fund, eligibility and how to apply (including an eligibility quiz), and answers to FAQs at the Growing Justice website. The fund seeks to support community-led efforts with awards between $50,000 and $250,000. Applications are due by 8:00 PM ET on March 16, 2023.


From the fund's website:

"GROWING JUSTICE aims to invest in efforts to solidify leadership, dignity and power or Tribal, Indigenous, Black, Latinx, Asian and immigrant people to identify and drive solutions that expand the market for good food from locally and regionally owned, and environmentally and economically sustainable farms, ranches, fisheries, and food businesses.


Support will be offered to efforts with the most promise to:

  • Build power for people of color in the food value chain
  • Stabilize and strengthen the efforts of people of color in the value chain to deliver good food to institutions
  • Leverage resources and shift institutional procurement practices to become more equitable and sustainable
  • Seed innovation and grow models for equitable good food procurement across regions and sectors
  • Support the spread and scale of equitable good food procurement."


Funders of GROWING JUSTICE include: The Rockefeller Foundation, Native American Agriculture Fund, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, The Kresge Foundation, Panta Rhea Foundation and Clif Family Foundation. Read more about the fund in this recent news article from The Kresge Foundation.




Colleen Matts


Director, Farm to Institution Programs

Coordinator, Michigan Farm to Institution Network

Michigan State University Center for Regional Food Systems


Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Fwd: FoodCorps application is open - please help spread the word!


We appreciate your help in spreading the word for our next cohort (Aug'23-July'24) of FoodCorps Service Members. Feel free to share widely. Thank you!




FoodCorps partners with schools and communities to nourish kids' health, education, and sense of belonging. We are currently accepting applications for our next cohort (Aug '23-July '24) of Service Members.

Each year, we have Public Health AmeriCorps Service Members partner with K-12 schools for a full school year teaching kids to grow, cook, and love the nourishing foods that celebrate their cultures and communities—and help schools serve more of those foods, too. FoodCorps recruits talented leaders into full-time, paid public service, where they grow healthy school food environments in diverse communities through hands-on, experiential food education. 

We have two tracks of service:

  • Food Educators work alongside educators to provide kids (pre K - 8) with food education and culturally affirming experiences in the classroom and gardens. This includes hands-on lessons, working in the gardens, doing taste tests to get kids excited about fruits and vegetables and trying new foods, and supporting a school-wide movement around nourishing food by building strong, collaborative relationships with teachers, families, and school administrators.
  • School Nutrition Service Members work at a district level (preK - 12) with school nutrition departments to promote nourishing school food environments. This can include establishing and supporting feedback loops, coordinating student-led advisory groups and collaborating with other service members on school meals related projects. School Nutrition Service Members may contribute to the operational aspect of local procurement efforts, marketing and promotion of these items or support menu development.

We have sites in Michigan (Detroit, Petoskey, Flint, and near Alpena) and throughout the country. Our applications are open through March 27, 2023 for next year's cohort (August '23-July '24). 

Benefits of service in Michigan include a $33,000 stipend paid bi-weekly (this is a full-time, 11 month commitment), a $6,895 Segal Education Award upon successful completion of service, health, dental and vision insurance, as well as student loan forbearance. Please see the attached flyer with more details. 

Here is the link with more details and to apply:

Questions can be directed to

You can also spread the word through Instagram or Facebook

Referral Program: 

We ALSO have a referral program where if you refer someone to apply, and they serve for at least 90 days, you will receive a $250 as a thank you (you can expect this gift typically in Nov-Dec 2023). Please make sure to let anyone know who you are referring to include your name and contact information on the application to be eligible for the referral thank you!

Thank you in advance for your help! 


Seema Jolly | she/her/hers

FoodCorps | Impact & Partnerships Lead, Michigan

(269) 352-6224 (cell) | @foodcorps

MIFARMTOSCHOOL is a listserv that links farm-to-school stakeholders and practitioners in Michigan, from school food service directors and school administrators to growers and distributors. Content posted to MIFARMTOSCHOOL does not necessarily reflect the views of Michigan State University or the Michigan State University Center for Regional Food Systems.

Monday, January 30, 2023


Lieber Herr,
Ich habe einen Investor, der 6,8 Milliarden US-Dollar in ein Unternehmen investieren mцchte, das

nur Mittel fьr die Expansion benцtigt. Er kann das Geld nicht in neue Unternehmen investieren,

die grьnden wollen, sondern in Unternehmen, die gute Gewinne erzielen, aber Mittel fьr die

EXPANSION benцtigen.

Seine Schwerpunkte sind Immobilien, Biotechnologie, Textilien, Informationstechnologie,

Pharmazie, Цl- und Energieindustrie, Bergbau- und Metallindustrie,

Unternehmensberatungsindustrie, maritime Industrie, Krankenhaus- und Gesundheitsindustrie,

Verbraucherdienstleistungsindustrie, internationaler Handel und Entwicklung Industrie,

Glьcksspiel- und Kasinoindustrie, Elektro-/Elektronikindustrie, Versicherungsindustrie,

chemische Industrie, Marketing- und Werbeindustrie, Freizeit, Reise- und Tourismusindustrie,

Landwirtschaft, Luftfahrt, Einzelhandel, Import und Export, Handels- und Entwicklungsindustrie,

Immobilien und Bauwesen Industrie und andere realisierbare Investitionsmцglichkeiten wie Ihre.

Wenn Sie einem Unternehmen empfehlen, Darlehen oder Investmentfonds von meinem Kunden, dem

Investor, aufzunehmen, haben Sie und ich Anspruch auf 5 % jedes Betrags, den das Unternehmen vom

Investor erhдlt, aber wenn Sie den Fonds direkt als Unternehmen annehmen, werde ich es sein

Anspruch auf 2,5 % und Sie behalten 2,5 % als Global Finder's Fee ein.
Nach der Unterzeichnung (MOU) findet ein persцnliches Treffen zwischen dem Investor und dem

Beteiligungsunternehmen statt, der (AORI) sollte nicht weniger als 3 % pro Jahr betragen.

Suchen Sie nach einem zuverlдssigen Unternehmen, das eine Finanzierung benцtigt, und wir kцnnen

problemlos 5 % des vom Investor erhaltenen Betrags verdienen, aber wir mьssen bei der

Transaktion absolute Vertraulichkeit wahren, da der Fondsanbieter schweigen mцchte, sodass Sie

es streng vertraulich behandeln mьssen zwischen uns.
Ich benцtige das Unternehmensprofil und die Projektzusammenfassung des Unternehmens, das eine

Finanzierung benцtigt, um es meinem Investor vorzulegen.

Ich freue mich von Ihnen zu hцren.


Dear Sir,
I have investor that want to invest $6.8 Billion into a company that needs fund for expansion

only.He can not invest the money to new Companies that want to start up but into Companies that

has been making good profits but needs funds for EXPANSION.

His Area of concentrations are Real Estate, Biotech,Textiles , Information technology,

Pharmaceuticals , Oil & Energy Industries, Mining &Metals Industry, Management Consulting

Industry ,Maritime industry, Hospital & Health Care Industry, Consumer Services Industry,

International Trade and Development Industry ,Gambling & Casinos Industry, Electrical/Electronic

Manufacturing Industry, Insurance Industry, Chemical industries, Marketing and Advertising

Industry, Leisure, Travel & Tourism Industry, Agriculture, Aviation, Retail, Import and Export,

Trade and development industry, Real Estate & Construction Industry and any other viable

investment opportunities just like yours.

If you recommend a Company to take loan or investment funds from from my client the investor, me

and you will be entitled to 5% of any amount received by the Company from the investor but if

you are taking the fund directly as a company i will be entitled to 2.5% and you will retain

2.5% as Global Finder's fee commission.
There will be a face to face meeting between the investor and the investee after signing (MOU)

the (AORI) should not be less than 3% per annum.

Look for a reliable Company that need funding and we can easily make 5% of the amount received

from the investor but we need to maintain absolute confidentiality in the transaction as the

fund provider want to remain silent, so you have to keep it highly confidential between us.
I will need the company profile and the project summary of the company that will need funding to

present to my investor.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Michigan Farm to Institution Network (MFIN) seeks nominations for 2023 Advisory Committee

The Michigan Farm to Institution Network (MFIN) seeks nominations to fill open seats on the 2023 Advisory Committee!


Since its launch in 2014, MFIN has relied on an advisory committee of Michigan-based farm to institution practitioners  - institutional food service professionals, farmers, and food vendors/suppliers - to apply their experiences to guide and inform its work, including the Cultivate Michigan campaign. By serving in this role, MFIN advisory committee members say they have benefited by Increasing their knowledge of farm to institution, engaging more deeply in related activities, and growing their networks.


Call for Nominations

Nominate yourself or someone else to help guide MFIN's activities in 2023!

Find the nomination form in the call for nominations, and learn more about the responsibilities of this one-year commitment, open seats we hope to fill, and some of MFIN's work and impacts over the years. Submit nominations through the nominations form by 5 pm on Friday, February 3, 2023.


If you're not ready to commit to serving as a MFIN Advisory Committee member, join MFIN to participate as much as you are able.




Colleen Matts


Director, Farm to Institution Programs

Coordinator, Michigan Farm to Institution Network

Michigan State University Center for Regional Food Systems


Friday, January 27, 2023

USDA Value Added Producer Grant workshops

Hi all,

I'm forwarding the announcement below on behalf of MSUE about their Value Added Producer Grant workshops. Please see the details below and contact Wendy Wieland ( with any questions.



Megan McManus 
Farm to Institution Fellow
MSU Center for Regional Food Systems


From: Wieland, Wendolyn <>

Subject: USDA Value Added Producer Grant workshops

Hi Folks,


If you could share this announcement in your communications, on your social media platforms, etc., it would be greatly appreciated. Text, Unsplash photo, and flyer follows/ is attached for your reference.

Event flyer, which has registration link embedded,  can be directly linked from:

Note: USDA considers local food production/ marketing a value-added strategy appropriate for this grant.




The MSU Product Center is hosting a series of free, statewide workshops on the USDA Value-Added Producer Grant. For specific dates, times, and to register, please see:



Wendy Wieland (she, her, hers)

MSU Product Center Innovation Counselor &

MSU Extension Community, Food and Environment Institute

Emmet County MSU Extension

3434 Harbor-Petoskey Road

Harbor Springs, MI 49740

Office: 231-439-8987

Cell: 231-881-6918

F: 231-439-8933

MSU Extension programs and material are open to all without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, religion, age, height, weight, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, or veteran status.

Michigan State University occupies the ancestral, traditional, and contemporary Lands of the Anishinaabeg–Three Fires Confederacy of Ojibwe, Odawa, and Potawatomi peoples. The University resides on Land ceded in the 1819 Treaty of Saginaw. By offering this Land Acknowledgement, we affirm Indigenous sovereignty and will work to hold Michigan State University more accountable to the needs of American Indian and Indigenous peoples.


Thursday, January 26, 2023

Fw: [NFSN Partners] Upcoming Webinar Series: Culturally Inclusive Teaching in the Garden

Sharing webinar opportunity from KidsGardening

From: Noel Nicholas <>
Sent: Thursday, January 26, 2023 4:33 PM
To: NFSN Partners <>
Subject: [NFSN Partners] Upcoming Webinar Series: Culturally Inclusive Teaching in the Garden
Hi Everyone, 

KidsGardening is hosting a new webinar series Culturally Inclusive Teaching in the Garden starting on February 1st. You can learn more by visiting:

Join us for Part 1: Principles of Culturally-Responsive Garden Education: Honoring Diversity and Inclusion on February 1st at 4 PT/ 7 ET.

Through student voices and examples, Dr. Dilafruz Williams and Sheila Williams Ridge will share the principles of culturally responsive garden education that honors diversity and inclusion.

Register Here!

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