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Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Farm to School Month!!!

It's Halloween, and we're celebrating the last day of Farm to School Month! A time to cheer for all that's been accomplished to get good, local food into school and early childhood program meals.


I hope you all had fun this month taking those small steps for farm to school. We certainly had a lot in Michigan! West Michigan celebrated breaking their 'Big Crunch' record, getting 32,715 Michigan Apples at one time, while the state celebrated 350,000 crunches, and schools throughout Michigan celebrated by crunching along! We also celebrated the launch of the 10 Cents a Meal Pilot Program in Northwest Michigan (and launched the Michigan Cherry Slurp, which will be coming in January 2016! Stay tuned for details), and celebrated crossing the 50 institution mark for Cultivate Michigan! This month was topped off here at the Center for Regional Food Systems as we brought farm to school to the Michigan School Nutrition Association Annual Conference in Dearborn this past weekend (See picture attached!).


What one small step did you celebrate? Share your stories TODAY with #F2SMonth and keep the celebration going! And you've got a few more hours to pledge to take one small step and enter the National Farm to School Network's drawing!


Farm to School program is good for students, schools, and farmers alike

While the amazing work in Michigan continues to grow, none of this would be possible without all of you! Food service directors, nutrition educators, teachers, parents, advocates, and partners like you are the reason Michigan is such a model for farm to school efforts. So here's to you, Ganders!


The National Farm to School Network's website is filled with inspiring blogs celebrating Farm to School Month. If you've got time this week, check out some of their most recent inspiring highlights!


And don't forget to fill your baskets for the trick or treaters tonight!


Best, and thanks for all you do,


Abby Harper

Farm to School Specialist

MSU Center for Regional Food Systems

480 Wilson Rd Rm 309 | East Lansing, MI 48824

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