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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

10 Cents a Meal One-Pagers


I have had a number of requests for one-pagers and high level talking points about 10 Cents a Meal, so I thought I would share them more widely.
Be sure to select "fit to print" as some need to be about 96% rather than 100% in order to get all of the graphcs in. 

Also please note that this post has been updated at the bottom with template language if you plan to make outreach to legislators and the governor regarding 10 Cents in the state budget.

Attached and with links are:
One-pagers with results in each of five regions of the state last year are at on the tools for communities tab.

Best, Diane

P.S. Find the current list of signed-up supporters of 10 Cents a Meal (and a link to sign uphere
Fun Fact: Currently, signed up supporters hail from 54—or 65%—of Michigan's 83 counties.

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