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Thursday, September 10, 2020

How do U.S.-based food hubs understand what it means to engage in racial equity work?

How do food hubs embed racial equity into their work?
MSU Center for Regional Food Systems is pleased to share the report Delivering More than Food: Understanding and Operationalizing Racial Equity in Food Hubs.
The report explores how U.S.-based food hubs understand what it means to engage in racial equity work. It provides:

  • Analysis of common facilitators and inhibitors to food hubs engaging in racial equity work.
  • Quotes from interviews with food hub managers and other roles.
  • Recommendations in the form of questions to consider for:
  • food hubs, 
  • funders,
  • academics,
  • nonprofits,
  • food hub customers, and
  • local, state, and federal government officials.
  • Examples of food hubs/food system organizations that have taken clear action toward achieving racial equity goals.

This is a tool for food hubs as well as those who study them and provide technical and financial assistance to them.

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This work was supported in part by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.
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Food hubs have a role to play in dismantling racism in our food systems. This new report from @MSUCRFS explores how U.S.-based food hubs engage in racial equity work.

How do food hubs understand racial equity and embed it in their work? @MSUCRFS found that organizational history and culture, leadership, financial structure, inter-organizational dynamics, and meaningful engagement with BIPOC impacted how food hubs operationalize racial equity.
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