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Saturday, February 13, 2021

free farm law resource!

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to be sure you knew about a new resource now available from Farm Commons: Farmers' Guide to In-Kind Wages. Download it for free at this link until March 1.

Small, diversified farms may not always have abundant cash available to pay workers, but boy, do they have broccoli! This guide will provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the rules and regulations that apply when paying farm workers "in kind" wages. In-kind wages includes paying farm employees with meals, farm products like meat and vegetables, lodging/housing and other non-cash items of value. From understanding when in-kind wages are allowed, to how to value them, to the tax implications of paying in broccoli, we explore it all. The Appendices provide detailed information about specific issues including the OSHA, migrant/seasonal worker law implications, and tax rulings. The Appendices also provide selected state-specific information. (77 pages)

Farm Commons is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering the agricultural community to reduce legal risk and leverage legal opportunity within an ecosystem of support. Through education, leadership development and community-based problem solving around business law, agricultural communities become stronger and more resilient. The result is a legacy of sustainable farms and a community-based food system for everyone. At Farm Commons, paperwork is powerful.

- Rachel @ Farm Commons

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