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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Re: Permaculture + Leadership + You: Tuition Deadline

Hello friends,

What would it feel like to wake up each morning knowing that
your life is profoundly aligned with your deepest values and
passions? Come envision a new future for yourself and for
our planet, rooted in sustainability, permaculture and
community. Read more @

The suburban permaculture and regenerative leadership retreats
we have coming up in northern and southern california will
change your life. Take a moment to read some of the amazing
things nearly one hundred past participants have said about
the program about their experience, and then make the leap
into the world and life you always wanted. You can read
some of the reviews at

What: Regenerative Leadership & Urban Permaculture Design

Where: October 23 - November 4th - San Francisco Bay Area, CA
or December 17 - Dec 31st - San Diego County, CA
or April 7 - 22nd - Eugene, OR

-- We accept most financial aid, grants and Americorps awards
-- and you can get college credit for our programs. We also
-- offer highly flexible payment plans. Sign up early and
-- bring a friend FREE (contact us for details)!
-- Get more details @

"Common Circle's Permaculture Design course was a genuine heart
and mind opening experience. If you are interested in finding
how you can be part of the life giving earth healing solution
in today's global ecological and social crisis this course
gives you an in depth and extensive overview of what it takes
to make it happen. " - Jessica M, Course Graduate

During the workshop, we will talk about:

* Smart nature-inspired design principles
* Rainwater catchment and storage
* Greywater - smart water re-use with plant filters
* Food forests & garden design for food abundance
* Eco-psychology and Regenerative Leadership
* Intentional community design and dynamics
* Bio-remediation and toxic waste cleanup
* Natural building design - cob, strawbale and more
* Soil biology and regeneration
* Sustainable transportation and fuels
* Green business and sustainable economics
* Natural patterns and principles
* Everything you ever wanted to know about plants and soil!

When we speak about leadership, we speak about regenerative
leadership that makes people come alive because their deepest
passions come truly aligned with their day-to-day lives. It's
the kind of leadership our world needs most today -- not
leadership rooted in authority, but leadership rooted in
hope, inspiration and vision through alignment of values
and actions.

People come to our programs expecting to learn a ton about
plants - and they do, but they also learn a lot more about
people, leadership and community-building. Again - just go
read what past participants have said about our
life-altering programs.

-- Get more details @

Sign up before November 1st and you can bring a friend
with you with a huge discount on the tuition. We still
have a couple spaces left in the San Francisco course and
the December program is starting to fill up. Don't wait,
sign up today!

common circle education
14525 sw millikan way, suite 17760, beaverton, or 97005

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