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Monday, October 12, 2015

MI Farm to School News

Greetings all!  Another update a day late

Just a couple important resources and news clips I wanted to share with you from last week.

  • FoodCorps MA and MA Farm to School: Serving Up Tradition: A guide for school food in culturally diverse communities
    • This guide goes over the importance of and steps to including more culturally appropriate foods to your food service programs.  It’s especially great for Food Service programs that serve culturally diverse populations, but really applicable to anyone – especially the steps for Introducing new foods (just like new farm products) and since the recipes come from food service directors, they are ALREADY appropriately scaled for large quantities!  Hello, Awesome.
      • Side note: There may be 124 extra servings of Chicken Biryani coming out of my house this weekend, if anyone is hungry.
Now that school is underway, my newsfeed is filled with examples from around the country of folks doing farm to school, here are a couple:
  • Roots of Healthy Living: Teaching kids the value of nutrition
    • Farm to School in Northland Pines, WI – with a couple fun recipes for kale at the end.  “The goal is that we’re not always asking for a handout, but that we are actually purchasing what they have to offer.  It’s about trying to help local farmers and local economies as well as it is to increase the access to local, fresh food”
  • Farm to school network helps Acadiana High develop School Farm
    • This school is focusing on expanding their garden to supply the cafeteria (including chickens!)
  • Farm to School Week
    • A short article and video on Biloxi, Mississippi.  Their Farm to School week replaces nearly every menu item with one that originates from Mississippi – including ground beef, peas, sweet potatoes, and peppers.  They’re working with Chartwells to include more locally grown produce into all their school lunches.

Also don’t forget, it’s still farm to school month!  If you’re doing any activities to celebrate it, send pictures my way!  I’d love to share your story.  Have a great week!

Abby Harper
Farm to School Specialist
Center for Regional Food Systems | Michigan State University
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