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Wednesday, October 18, 2023

KidsGardening WEBINAR: Connecting Garden Lessons to Science Standards

Sharing this learning opportunity from KidsGardening:
Hello Everyone, 

KidsGardening is hosting a new webinar next week, Tuesday, October 24th, at 4 PM PT/7 PM ET, titled Connecting Garden Lessons to Science Standards: Using NGSS to Deepen Children's Knowledge and Thinking about the Natural World. We hope you can join us! More details and a link to register are below.

Webinar: Connecting Garden Lessons to Science Standards: Using NGSS to Deepen Children's Knowledge and Thinking about the Natural World

Date/Time: Tuesday, October 24th - 4pm PT/ 7pm ET

Description: Whether classroom teacher, farm and garden educator, or parent at home, using the concepts and practices outlined in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) helps kids develop a deeper understanding of how the living world works– and a solid foundation for environmental literacy. With the right framing and questions, outdoor learning can introduce kids to the knowledge and skills they'll need to make sense of a changing world.

Knowing how to structure children's gardening and nature learning with the NGSS in mind can be a game-changer for farm and garden educators, parents & other caregivers and teachers. In this webinar, we will give anyone involved in outdoor education tools to connect kids' garden and nature activities with several life science concepts– helping all children build a strong foundation for lifelong environmental literacy.

Jane Hirschi is the author of two books on garden-based learning and the founding director of CitySprouts, a school garden program partnering with public elementary schools to get students learning outside as part of the school's science education.

Karen Worth is an early childhood educator specializing in science education. She is the author of numerous books on teaching science education. She was a senior scientist with Education Development Center for 25 years and a faculty member at Wheelock College for over 40 years. Karen has been a CitySprouts board director since 2020.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions by emailing

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Noel Nicholas
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