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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

FREE Online Training - Grow Your Own Vegetables this wee

Wanted to share this great online video training with yall. I think its a great training for school garden volunteers, specially those just starting a garden. Great tips on how to plan for the best garden! Please share

Grow Your Own Vegetables with Stacey Murphy

Free Online Video Training Series : Feb 16-27

This training walks you through the big questions: Do you have the right space to grow food and where can you find more? Can you actually shrink your grocery bill with a vegetable garden? What tasks should you focus on so you only spend 2 hours (or less) per week while growing lots of food.

You can check it out and sign up here.

If you have dreams of a vegetable garden, or you've been growing for a couple years and want to amp up your harvest, or anything in between, I highly recommend Stacey's work to help you live your dream of nourishing the planet while you enjoy fresh-picked, sun-kissed vegetables that you grew yourself.

Find out more and sign up now, for no charge.

Peace & carrots,

Bee Ayer

p.s. while growing zones are different around the world, there is something for every vegetable grower in this video series. Stacey's trainings have touched the lives of beginning growers, vegetable gardeners, homesteaders, and permaculturists, and help to start gardens and backyard farms across 4 continents.


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